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Sima Kobayaa

By Sima Kobayaa

This winter, I’m working remotely as an intern at the BasicBuzz firm in Dubai, UAE. This was my first internship with BasicBuzz Company, and it is all I could have hoped for — in the most excellent way possible. So far, I’ve developed numerous abilities and learned more about many internet tools used in everyday marketing and creating and planning social media posts design.

So far, my work has included creating social media posts for tourism, food, and beverage, and our company’s quotes, designing various social media designs and preparing monthly newsletters. When it comes to designing and writing content for clients and us, I’ve also gotten a lot of knowledge working on Canva. Recently, I’ve enjoyed producing design websites for clients as well as social media updates.

While my Canva skills improved over the last few weeks, I also learned much about the video production process. For example, creating a “contact us” design for a website was one of my favorite posts this winter. On the other side, understanding how to make your video with various effects was a tremendous help to me. My internship was entirely remote, and I worked approximately 40 hours each week. I was given a weekly job list and met with my manager twice to discuss progress. I would also keep track of tasks that were in progress and completed.

For me, the most challenging component of my internship was juggling thesis writing and work. However, I was generally able to remain on top of things. Finding a balance between university, career, and self-care, on the other hand, proved challenging amid my October deadlines.

We were treated as equals by Mr. Shafi, who encouraged us to take exams and complete online courses in order to better understand our separate professions. Mr. Shafi also shared in our achievements during the internship. I feel fortunate to have started my journey with someone who is patient, knowledgeable, and inviting at the same time. In my mind, whatever conclusion I came to …..