BASICBUZZ- The perfect place for interns to learn!

We guide our interns through every step of their project and make sure they get the most out of their experience here!

BASICBUZZ  provides interns with access to all the resources & digital tools they need to complete their project successfully. Here, interns can find guidance and support through every step of their project, from start to finish. They can also find advice on their career and get the most out of their experience here at BASICBUZZ.


What we offer our interns

At BASICBUZZ, we want our interns to have everything they need to complete their projects successfully. We offer a range of resources and services, including:
– A blog where interns can learn about project tips and tricks
– A dedicated Learning Hub where the Interns can learn the skills which are needed for corporate world
– A dedicated Messagenger/ Communication app where Interns can communicate with fellow Interns/ Team Members.
-A didicated Virtual Office, where Interns can work remotely and interact with fellow Interns/Team with live events
– A project management center where interns can get familiar with how digital projects done and work with live projects
-Many more Digital Technologies dedicated for BASIC BUZZERS.

What BASICBUZZ can do for you.

Our interns at BASICBUZZ have took on a variety of roles in our company- from Social Media Marketing Executive to Human Resource Executive Intern. They’ve learned how to use various digital tools and techniques to help with their projects, and they’ve also been able to build up an impressive resume as a result at the end of their Internship!


Meet some of our Interns






Esha Vinod