Basicbuzz was formed by Shafi, with the love of digital technologies & inspired vision to build digital platforms by teaming up with coding friend Teresa to help, transform ambitious businesses into successful brands. Basicbuzz is a first step destination for small business to grow their business and establish a strong basic foundation of their brand. Basicbuzz is not for everyone. We are selective to take up projects, we choose clients who do ethical business.

Basicbuzz About us 2

Why our focus is on small companies?. Small companies have a burning desire to grow and have more hopes because every big company comes from small businesses. We can see the real examples of Steve Jobs’s creation of Apple from a small garage to silicon valley’s successful business and Jack Ma’s journey from a school teacher with a simple yet great business concept to gain E-commerce business. They are more hungry to be creative and innovative. It is really important to have the right marketing approach in addition to having a breakthrough product or service. Our main objective is to create a solid foundation for such products/services in the area of digital presence ie buzz. We create a BasicBuzz for your Business.


There is a huge market in the Digital world and Web-related sector. There is tough competition in this sector as well. At the same time lots of companies producing substandard web pages that are not having either responsive design which compatible with a variety of internet devices like Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, desktops or providing good user experience.