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We are not just a Digital Agency with full of Creative People. We are a company that has been built on a culture of passion and curiosity. We believe that every one of our employees should be encouraged to be their best selves, which is why we create a space where they can become best version of them selves.  Creativity is not a luxury. It is a necessity. The work we do needs to make an impact, and it needs to be creative.

The most successful creative organisations are those that have the courage to work with people who think differently and have different skills. When they find ways to tap into these unique abilities, they can unlock creativity and innovation in every area of their business.

In order for us to be open-minded and make good decisions in our careers, we need opportunities. This is why we created a dedicated Learning Hub ́ where our people have the opportunity to explore new approaches, ideas, learn new things, take on more responsibility ́ grow their careers on their terms ́ without compromising who they are or what they care about.

We always take care of their passion by providing opportunities for creative projects to innovate, experiment and express their talents.

We believe in the power of collective intelligence to help brands solve complex problems with simplicity, creativity, and humanity.

We have a diverse mix of creatives, thinkers, strategists and tech-savvys who are all driven by ethics, diversity and personal growth.

Available Positions by Fast Track (Smart Hiring)

Through Fast Track (Smart Hiring) once you apply the available positions by submitting your video interview answers. Our dedicated Smart Hiring team will review & quickly send you offer letter if you are the perfect fit. Due to high volume of applications, we would not communicate with every applicant, hence we will send the outcome decision only who got selected in this process. Tentative time to get the result is within 1 working day.

Steps to start:

1. Click the above Button. 2. Once it divert you to our Smart Hiring page, check the available positions suitable for your skills sets and interests click View 3. After reading the description, once you are ready to apply click Apply 4. Fill your details and attach your Resume then click Next  5. There you will get few questions in 3 stages, there is a option to click/allow camera to start your web cam. 6. Record your answers with your video confidently in 3 stages (differant questions) and at the end Submit Application.

Note: This functionality only works/supports by using your laptop/desktop. By mobile it will not work.

Available Positions by Normal Track

This is normal track which takes more than one week review and get the outcome if your CV gets short list. Once you apply by filling your details, cover letter and resume, we will review and let you know if your profile suitable to our requirement and advise next steps for Interview.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Here at BASICBUZZ, we believe in the power of hands-on experience. We dont teach, rather We guide our Interns to do live projects. That’s why all our interns not only get to learn, but also get to work on projects that will help them in the future. We have a wide variety of internships in fields such as marketing, product design, and human resources, web development and etc.

Expression of Interest to join BASICBUZZ

If you love to join BASICBUZZ but currently engaged with other activity/internship/job? No worries, we will simplify the process. Just submit your Expression of Interest with your tentative date of your availability/willingness to join. Our Hiring team will review & if your profile matches with our requirment, We will initiate the recruitment process just prior to your picked date. And also We will send notifications of our upcoming vacanices so that you wont miss the chance to work with BASICBUZZ.

BASICBUZZ'S Learning Hub

In order to enhance the skills of BASICBUZZ’s Team Members, We have developed a dedicated Learning Hub for Basicbuzz’s Team Members. The platform only accessible for Basicbuzz’s current employees and interns. 

Team Zone

Team Zone is accessible for only BASICBUZZ’s Team Members. If you recently joined BASICBUZZ, request the access from Admin. Thanks.


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