The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

By-Shweta Korde

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

It’s no surprise that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paving the way in nearly every field. According to recent figures, AI technology can increase business efficiency by up to 40%. Because of the recent rapid dispersion of new technologies, many industry leaders have been prompted to expand into a more advanced and efficient domain, in which AI has established itself as the most potent weapon.


What is AI Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a collection of technologies capable of doing tasks that need human intelligence. AI marketing is a means of collecting data, customer insights, anticipating customers’ next moves, and making automated marketing decisions using intelligence technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing makes automated decisions based on data collection, analysis, and further observations of audience or economic patterns that may influence marketing efforts. AI is frequently used in marketing campaigns where speed is critical.


What is the significance of AI marketing?

Artificial intelligence has a major impact on digital marketing. Customers expect organisations to understand their requirements and expectations, according to 76 percent of customers. Marketers may crunch a large amount of marketing data analytics from social media, emails, and the Web in a relatively short length of time with AI marketing. AI systems learn how to engage with clients using data and customer profiles, then give them personalized messages at the perfect time without the need for marketing team intervention, ensuring optimal productivity. AI is being used by many marketers today to supplement marketing teams or to execute more tactical activities that require less human finesse.

  • Automation
  • Minimising errors
  • Cost savings
  • Increased ROI
  • More personalisation
  • Smarter and faster decision making


How to use AI in marketing?

  • Forecasting sales

The use of AI in marketing allows marketers to better understand their clients and participate in their actions based on information gathered from their contacts and previous purchases. You can forecast what clients will buy next and the quantity of a product sold using this approach. It assists you in determining which products to promote and to whom to sell them in order to increase sales. 

  • Customer insights powered by AI

AI is primarily used by corporations to acquire data. Marketers can simply construct customer personas using AI algorithms that collect billions of data. On-site interactions, geographic specials, buying habits, previous interactions/communications, referral sources, and more are among them.

  • Create a unique customer experience

Brands may utilise AI to improve customer experience by providing personalised content and offers, as well as excellent customer service.

  • Content Creation

AI solutions can help your content team work more efficiently by automating tasks like email content, personalised reports/messages, and social media content curation.

  • Chatbots

artificial intelligence is used to improve customer service. Apart from answering clients’ repetitious questions about pricing, size, and quantity, AI is best leveraged to provide personalized and targeted content that is potentially more efficient than people.

  • Dynamic pricing

This AI is often referred to as personalized pricing. It’s a pricing strategy wherein a product’s price is determined by demand and/or supply. A good example is the prices of ride-sharing apps that increase as demand rises or when you can’t find a discount when you need to purchase a product online.


AI in Email Marketing.

AI in email marketing improves open and click-through rates, which boosts income. AI in email marketing decreases the time it takes to produce effective email campaigns, allowing for their creation to happen more quickly. Using artificial intelligence to make your email marketing efforts more effective and efficient. With artificial intelligence’s aid, email marketing is more effective.




Marketing strategy is boosted by artificial intelligence for improved outcomes. As a marketer, you must create the best message for the target consumers and disseminate it at the appropriate times. By enhancing consumer experiences and accelerating a variety of marketing processes, AI technology can increase conversion rates. 

In a world where technology is becoming more and more important, your business will inevitably lag behind its rivals if you choose to ignore the advantages and potential of AI in marketing. So start developing your marketing strategy using AI today.

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