Star Performer of the Month-January 2022 Awarded to Barirahma Martinasia

Star Performer of the Month

Barirahma Martinasia Islahuddiny has exceeded our expectations by showing her excellent consistency, commitment & integrity at BASICBUZZ, and we’re excited to announce her as our Star Performer of the Month for January 2022. Congratuations Barirahma.

Few words from Barirahma

“It is a luxury to be able to manage your own time. As a student and doing an internship at the same time, it felt like juggling back and forth between them to maintain each progress and ensure their growth. Not an easy task for sure, but listing your priorities makes it easier. Priorities come with a strong drive, what you want to achieve and how you walk on that lane to get where you want to be. My own drive is to work at a company after I graduate. So the step to achieve it is by prioritizing my internship. I keep saying to myself that “practice makes perfect”. Consistently growing is the key to making impossible things possible. In other words, further interns should know what drives them to take any step like applying for an internship, what are your motives and for what particular reason makes you have to take it. Rather do a lot of internships, do one but really boost your growth is the best way in my opinion. So, you do all your best on every step one by one and really get into it.”

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